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A bill is an itemized account of the separate costs of goods sold, services performed, or work done, usually presented in written or electronic form to its recipient. Also known as an invoice.

To bill means to enter charges due into an accounting system, to prepare a bill of charge(s) for someone or to submit a prepared bill of charges to someone so they pay what they owe. Usually in a company, the billing department prepares, issues and receives bills for the goods or services provided. A bill usually needs to contain information like:

  • A unique, identifying number
  • The identification of the biller and the recipient (name, surnames or company name)
  • billing address
  • A description of the goods/services (with their corresponding prices charged if it be the case)
  • The total billable amount (what is being charged)
  • The applicable taxes (percentage and amount), if any
  • The date the bill was made and the date the billable amount is to be paid.