ownership structure

It is the way to distribute the title deeds  and rights that represent the  capital of the company, in one or more legal entity.

The distribution depends of the type or size of the company.
On small business ownership is concentrated in one or a few people, while big business is divided ownership.
There are different ways to distribute the ownership of the company, the most common are:

  • -Sole Proprietorship: when the best way is a unic person

  • -Partnership: Two ore more people who dont have the idea of become to a limited paternship or cooporation.

  • -Limited partnership: Is when the property of the company is divided in shares. The owner responds by debts

  • -Nonprofit Corporation (not-for-profit): Its a company who dont look for beneficts, like charity

  • -Cooperative: Its an informal way to organiciate the company to achieve a common objetive