plant layout

This is a concept which meaning is relevant with the distribution of the machinery or the company, the departments, workstations, storage places, corridors and public spaces in the production area of the company. Can be in the current production area or in one the company thought to do in the future.

The objective of the plant layout is to organize and distribute all those things in the way which secures a fluent work flow, materials, persons and information through the production system.

Characteristics needed to be a correct plant layout:

-          Minimize materials manipulation costs.

-          Be efficient at using the space available.

-          Use the labor efficiently.

-          Delete bottlenecks.

-          Make easier the communication between the own workers, supervisors and clients.

-          Reduce the time of the fabrication cycle or the time of the client service.

-          Delete useless or repetitive actions in the process.

-          Ease the entrance and the exit of the products, materials or persons.

-          Incorporate a security system.

-          Do the needed maintenance activities.

-          Provide a visual control of each part of the process or activities.

-          Provide the necessary flexibility to adapt the company to the current changing situations.


Toyota`s new plant layout

Toyota`s new plant layout

New Burgeree`s plant

New Burgeree`s plant