cash management

We define Cash management as the administration of the liquidity of a company, that is to say, the relationship between their charges and payments.This skill is common for all the companies because it registers all the daily operations that these realize and also it takes as a target to increase the profitability.

The company recorded positive cash flows that are operations which increase the equity value of the company (collections) and cash flows negatives which are deliveries of money to pay off the debts that has (payments).

The main objectives of cash management are:

  • Minimizing the financial costs.
  • Obtain liquidity of shape fast.
  •  Finance of net Working Capital.

Cash Management takes as a target to provide the company of those financial resources that facilitate the normal one to him development of its normal activity and, simultaneously, the increase of the profitability. "ELISEU SANTANDREU, director of EADA"