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Finance is an activity related to flows of capital and money from individuals, companies and public bodies.

Financial analysis activities are the field of economics devoted generally to the study of money and, particularly, related to transactions and money management which studies the acquisition and management by a company, an individual, or the government, of the funds it needs to meet its objectives, and the criteria to use its assets. In other words, with regard to the collection and management of money and other securities or substitutes for money, such as sharesbonds, etc.

The finance deal with the conditions and opportunities to get money, uses thereof, and payments and interest charged to cash transactions. finance concerns three key aspects:

  • Money and capitals markets: professionals in this area should have knowledge about the economy in general, i.e. to be able to identify the factors that support and affect the economy. Also they known tools used by financial institutions to control the money market.
  • Investments: This area is closely related to finance, as it is involved with money manage. Determines how to allocate your financial resources efficiently.
  • Financial Management: This area aims to expand your money; it will find how to properly handle your sales and expenses for a good profit.

The main purpose of finance is to help individuals or companies to make proper use of their money, relying on financial tools to ensure efficient resource optimization. There are many factors that can affect or benefit the decisions made regarding the management of money as micro or cultural factors.