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It is the means of payment used to exchange goods and services and pay off debts.

Money has several functions:

(1) As a means of payment makes the exchange of goods and services more efficient, and the appearance of the most obvious benefit is that when using barter.

(2) As a unit of account and price fixing are the accounts (accounts are kept).

(3) Money is a store of value because we make purchases in the future.

(4) It´s used as a reference for a payment in the future, for example, when you borrow money from a bank, you have to return a given number of euro or dollars at a future date or dates. The entity that has authority to issue or reduce the amount of money, are the central banks.

Here, depending on the economic conditions are responsible for preserving the value of money. Furthermore Recalled notes and coins are no longer able to be used. money, as physical, is manufactured by different mints in each country.