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To obtain something in exchange of money. It consists of transferring a good or offering a service to another person who pays an agreed price. It requires another person doing the opposite action: the purchase. It can also mean selling at a discount or reducing a price in order to make the item more attractive to buyers or to get rid of exisiting stock.

Selling products or services is fundamental for companies because it usually is the main source of their income. There are companies that sell directly to customers (retail stores), such as a grocery store, who at the same time buy their goods from a store specialized in big volume sales (wholesaler), such as a cash and carry. Salesmen may make their sales in different ways: personal sales (face to face with the customer), telemarketing, via the Internet, mail order catalogues, etc. In many cases, companies decide to make discounts to move consumers to make purchases and this way increase sales, which is a necessary condition for business survival. Another way to call the client´s attention and cause the following purchase is through publicity. After the sale, the company must give the client proof of the purchase, known as a receipt, so that in case a product of breaks or doesn´t work, he or she may reclaim its repair, exchange or refund.